Serrapeptase Facts and information

SerratiopeptidaseIs Serrapeptase the miracle enzyme that has been touted in Europe and Asia for decades? Let examine the research. The silkworm secretes an enzyme, Serrapeptase, in the final stages of its metamorphosis that dissolves an opening through the hard cocoon. The butterfly then emerges through the hole and flies away. The enzyme that is produced in the stomach of the silkworm is called Serrapeptase, and this enzyme has created interest in the field of medicine.

One of the early features that was noticed about Serrapeptase is that it breaks up nonliving tissues in the human body. Dr. Hans Nieper a German doctor, in the 1970s, documented the benefits of Serrapeptase on patients with blocked arteries. Some of his patients who suffered from almost complete blockage of the carotid arteries demonstrated remarkable improvement after being administered Serrapeptase. Dr. Nieper used ultrasound to confirm the significant improvement in blood flow through the artery that was blocked.

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Serrapeptase has also been used as an anti-inflammatory supplement and works very well with no noticeable side effects. Although there is not a great deal of research by large pharmaceutical companies, there are many testimonials on the web of patients who are recommending the benefits of Serrapeptase, and the ways in which they were helped. Doctors in some parts of Europe and Asia recommend Serrapeptase to their patients as the drug of choice for certain cardiac conditions. In the United States, Serrapeptase is a supplement that is considered an alternative medicine. However, it is worth the effort to discuss the use of Serrapeptase with your health care provider to determine if it would be beneficial to you.

Serrapeptase really stops the pain!

People throughout the world are using Serrapeptase to relieve the pain caused by inflammation. This enzyme is derived from the intestines of a silkworm and used by the silkworm to break down the walls of the cocoon. In humans, Serrapeptase dissolves scar tissue, plaque in the arteries, blood clots, and cysts without any effect whatsoever on the healthy tissue. Serrapeptase is also helpful in relieving the pain of arthritis.

Although Serrapeptase is used in Europe and Japan as the go to medicine to alleviate pain, acceptance in the United States has been slow. Big pharmaceutical companies do not advocate the use of Serrapeptase because it is such an inexpensive supplement that there is virtually no significant money to be made. In the west, we are accustomed to taking over the counter pain killers or prescription NSAID’s to relieve pain. But these can lead to ulcers or stomach bleeding which can have serious consequences.

All research indicates that there are no known side effects to Serrapeptase. This natural ingredient is an anti-inflammatory agent. Purchase Serrapeptase over the counter or on the internet. The capsules are coated so that the enzyme is released in the intestines. You will find as thousands have testified that Serrapeptase is a miracle drug found in nature that will relieve you pain.

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